Christmas in July

Where do you want to spend Christmas this year?

Christmas is one of the most requested weeks for travel. We have decided to take a proactive approach this year to better assist those members looking to spend the holiday abroad. Our Christmas list is going to be less conventional than most because 3RD HOME is unique. We want to be fair to all of our members when it comes to requesting the week of Christmas/New Years. In this sense, members that request the week of Christmas should be willing to offer up Christmas (or a prime week if Christmas is out of season) at your home for other members.

Between now and July we are compiling a list of members who are looking to travel for Christmas or New Years. Once we have a complete list of members and their travel preferences, we will try our best to match up the requests. All you have to do is offer up Christmas/New Years at your home and specify your request for the types of homes and locations you are looking for. This approach is different than our usual exchange process due to a higher number of requests.

For more information and to get on the list, please contact Erica ( and she will give you more details on how this will work.

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