Brandon Russell is Now on Board with 3RD HOME!

3RD HOME is excited to announce our partnership with Brandon Russell, lead carpenter on the beloved TLC show “Trading Spaces.” Russell’s dedication to improving peoples’ lives and passion for home improvement made this partnership a no-brainer!

As the world’s preeminent reciprocal club for the owners of luxury second homes with over 1167 properties in 64 countries worth an average of $2.25 million each, 3RD HOME is quickly becoming the market leader in luxury second home exchange. Built to enable members to ‘get out what they put in’, 3RD HOME allows members to travel the world staying in beautiful homes without having to rent them.  They simply deposit downtime in their own property into the club for other like-minded members to use.  In return, they take out the weeks they want in other members’ properties bringing greater value to the ownership of their vacation homes. Brandon Russell with his successful career, entrepreneurial spirit and kind personality was a great fit for 3RD HOME and our mission.

Brandon Russell had little choice in the matter when it came to being an artist and carpenter. Growing up, this North Carolina raised a true Southern boy’s father made sure he was paying attention. “My father could build and fix anything,” Brandon says as he thinks back on where his unique talents began to take shape and then humbly follows with, “a truly gifted artist…much better than I’ll ever be!” Though that may or may not be true, one thing is for certain; Brandon Russell is the real deal.

He grew up right outside of Charlotte, N.C., which is a city; he loves and lives in to this day. Deciding to stay close to home and close to the woman he dotes on the most in life, his mother (told you he was a Southern boy), he chose to attend Appalachian State University and began a general study in the field of Communications.

After graduating in 1999, Brandon did not jump straight into the 9 to 5 work force. Through the recommendation of his girl friend and many others he started a career in modeling.  He was able to travel and live all over the United States.  In October of 2002 bound for Milan to model overseas for a few months Brandon’s life took a huge detour as right before he was supposed to leave his father was diagnosed with rapid growing cancer. Being the true southerner he is Brandon cancelled his trip and stayed with his dad and mom until regretfully watching his dad leave them on the 29th of October 2002. With a new look at life Brandon stayed with his mom for several months to help around the house and completely finish the entire 2,000 square foot unfinished basement. Using many of the skills and traits that Brandon had learned from his father he found another passion in life, building and working with his hands using his creative talents.  While his father had taught him many skills there still were many traits he had to teach himself in home repair and construction.  So In 2003 however still regularly modeling, Brandon decided to settle in the one place he says, “no matter whether I am walking, driving, flying, or just passing through I always have a smile from ear to ear when in Charlotte, NC.” Brandon then made the decision to use all his skills and talent and not just rely on his looks, because they could be gone tomorrow. With this in mind he started his own compan called “Homecierge…the concierge to homes.” He began specializing in “anything and everything the home desired.” Homecierge offered complete design transformations, custom wood-work, landscape design, and also original painted murals.  Brandon began to use his unique gifts professionally and it was not soon thereafter that all would truly come full circle and a lifelong dream would be realized.

In 2007 Brandon Russell became the lead carpenter on the beloved TLC show “Trading Spaces.” It was the show that started it all when it comes to the home improvement T.V. show phenomenon. For the 1st time, Brandon would be making a living doing something that embodied almost everything he’d been working up to in his life combining those celebrity looks with his abilities to create and build, all while bringing positive change to people’s lives through a T.V. show! After eight seasons of a successful run “Trading Spaces” was pulled from the air, although reruns are still playing strong.  It took no time at all for Brandon to get back into the grove of helping others with his new show on A&E called The Drill Team helping families that came across an unexpected misfortune right before a major planned event in their lives was about to take place. With the help of Brandon and the rest of the Drill Team they rescued the family from the disaster and not only fix the problem but gave the space a complete makeover all in time to keep the families schedule intact. Though just the beginning, “truly a dream come true!” And the beginning it has been. The beginning of a life where Brandon can pursue his dreams of not just building and creating but also of giving back to those in need as in 2009, Brandon launched his non-profit organization, “Fix It Forward”, teaching neighbors to resurrect the front porch community of yesterday from the back deck society we have become. His greatest passion is to influence others to do good for their fellow neighbors expecting nothing in return except for the warm feeling in their heart from just giving gracefully. Brandon’s hope is to become a household name that all homeowners can trust and believe in, knowing that no matter what misfortune or obstacle they may face there is a way to fix any need you encounter. His goal is to build the trust in the communities and Nation that he is the one they can confidently and comfortably turn to and count on for any advice and understanding. He is extremely excited to be moving forward with these endeavors locally, nationally and hopefully one day even globally!

Wade Shealy, CEO of 3RD HOME welcomed Brandon to the 3RD HOME team this past Sunday night at the member party held at Nolen’s kitchen in Charlotte North Carolina.

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